What we do here


Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation

Athletes come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  Some of their sport injuries result from direct trauma, others from overuse.  After many miles or hours of your sport, you can develop tendon, ligament, and joint pain.  At Weddington Physical Therapy and Wellness, we are experienced in treating the cause of your pain.  No matter what your athletic rank- from beginner to elite professional-  you want effective sports medical care when you are injured.  We believe treatment begins by reducing inflammation and swelling, increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, preventing atrophy, and decreasing pain. 

Better Balance and Vestibular Retraining

Balance in aging adult has become a huge concern as Baby Boomers age.   It is estimated that 90 million Americans will suffer from some form of dizziness in their lifetime.  Weddington Physical Therapy and Wellness is pleased to offer Vestibular Rehabilitation and Balance Therapy 

Workmans Comp Rehabilitation and Conditioning

Work-injury rehab-  In addition to the hands-on manual therapy, we offer injured workers customized rehab programs to prepare them for an efficient return to work.  Programs include back and neck safety education, work conditioning, personalized exercise plans, body mechanics assessments, ergonomic assessments and more. 

Post Hospitalization Care

The main goal after surgery is to get you what you and your doctor want most- a rapid, successful recovery.  Our physical therapy staff creates an advanced, hands-on postsurgical care customized in your individual needs. The rehab services we offer can get you active again safely and quickly.   We provide balance, strength, and safety training for ambulatory patients following a stroke.